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Andrographis paniculata extract

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Andrographis paniculata extract


10kg/carton, food-grade PE bag for internal use, corrugated carton for external use; 20kg/bag, inner food-grade PE bag, outer kraft paper bag.




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The leaves and aerial parts of Andrographis paniculata have been used in traditional systems of Asian medicine for the treatment of different disorders. Andrographis paniculata is well known in Thailand as‘Fa-Tha-Lai-Jone’as Kalmegh in ayurvedic medicine. It is a predominant constituent of at least 26 Ayurvedic formulations used to treat liver disorders. It is also well known as ‘Chiretta’ or ‘King of Bitters’ and has been widely used in India, China, and Thailand. The medical use of Andrographis paniculata against sore throat has a long history in Thailand. In ancient ayurvedic literature, Andrographis paniculata has also been mentioned as a herb for neoplasm treatment. The traditional indications comprise the support of the healthy function of the upper respiratory tract, similar to prophylactic and symptomatic treatment of upper respiratory infections such as common cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, pharyngotonsillitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, otitis media, nephritis, lower urinary tract infections and acute diarrhea or enteritis, tuberculosis, dermatitis, but also the removal of toxins. A decoction of the plant is used as a blood purifier and as a “cold property” in traditional Chinese medicine to treat body heat, get rid of fever, and dispel toxins from the body.



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