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Astragaloside IV

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10kg/carton, food-grade PE bag for internal use, corrugated carton for external use; 20kg/bag, inner food-grade PE bag, outer kraft paper bag.




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Astragalus was used in traditional Chinese and Eastern medicine for over 2000 years.Astragalus extract is derived from the root of Astragalus Membranaceus in the pea family. The major active ingredient are astragaloside IV,astragalus polysaccharides and Cycloastragenol.

Physical Properties:

1. Astragalus extract powder with anti-stress effect.
2. Astragalus extract powder can be used as a growth promoter.
3. Astragalus extract powder with the function of antiviral.
4. Astragalus extract powder has improve heart and lung function.
5. Astragalus root extract powder can enhance immunity, improve the body’s resistance to disease.
6. Astragalus root extract powder has the effect of enhancing energy, anti-fatigue, protecting liver and inhibiting osteoclasts.
7. Astragalus root extract powder has the functions of accelerating blood cirulation.


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