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Glutamic acid

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10kg/carton, food-grade PE bag for internal use, corrugated carton for external use; 20kg/bag, inner food-grade PE bag, outer kraft paper bag.




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Medically, Glutamic acid is mainly used to treat hepatic coma and improve children’s intellectual development. In the food industry, monosodium glutamate is a commonly used food freshener, and its main component is sodium glutamate. In the past, the production of monosodium glutamate was mainly carried out by wheat gluten (gluten) hydrolysis, but now it is carried out on a large scale by microbial fermentation.

L-glutamic acid mainly produces monosodium glutamate, spices, salt substitutes, nutritional supplements, and biochemical reagents. L-glutamic acid itself can be used as a drug to participate in the metabolism of protein and sugar in the brain and promote the oxidation process. The product combines with ammonia to synthesize non-toxic glutamine in the body to reduce blood ammonia and reduce the symptoms of liver coma



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